Rehabilitation Team

Suzie Stoke, MSPT, CCRT

Suzie Stoke MSPT, CCRT is the program's primary rehab therapist. Suzie has over twenty-five years of experience as a human physical therapist. She graduated from UCLA Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa with a BS in Kinesiology and received her Masters in Physical Therapy from Boston University; Suzie also earned her canine rehabilitation certification from Canine Rehabilitation Institute. Suzie's specialties range from manual therapy abilities, therapeutic dry needling, and Balance and Gait dysfunction, bringing a comprehensive experience to the world of canine rehabilitation

Dr. Michael Bauer - Colorado Canine Orthopedics & RehabMichael Bauer, DVM, DACVS

  • Dr. Bauer is the owner of Colorado Canine Orthopedics and its sister practice Canine Rehabilitation and Arthritis Center. "Our goal is to have a canine rehabilitation program that is symbiotic with the orthopedic practice. This relationship offers clients and their pets, post-operative rehabilitation, as well as non-surgical options for musculoskeletal problems. The working relationship between surgeon and therapist represents a unique practice paradigm uncommon in veterinary medicine yet the standard for human orthopedics. Dogs, like humans, will recover more quickly following orthopedic surgery and patients with non-surgical conditions will benefit from a variety of therapeutic modalities."


Rehab Info

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