Treatment Options for Medial Patella Luxation (MPL)

Typically, four surgical steps are used to treat the majority of canine MPL's.

  1. A releasing incision is performed on the medial (inward side) of the joint to allow the patellar to move in a lateral (outward) direction.
  2. The lateral joint capsule is tightened by a procedure called lateral imbrication.
  3. The groove is deepened where the patellar normally glides. Several techniques are frequently utilized to accomplish this.
  4. Finally, the attachment point of the patellar tendon is aligned with the remainder of the limb. Either a tibial crest transposition or de-rotational suture can be performed for patellar tendon alignment.


Medial-Patellar-Luxation-Preop Medial-Patellar-Luxation-Postop MPL-lateral-postop

The prognosis for MPL repair is excellent in dogs with grades 1-3. At Colorado Canine Orthopedics patients can be comfortably discharged from the hospital the day of surgery. Healing time depends on the age of the patient and procedures employed. In puppies healing usually takes about one month. During this convalescent period animals can go on short leash walks, do lots of lap sitting but should not be permitted to jump from furniture or stairs. Following healing the patient can return to a normal, fully active life style.