Canine Total Hip Replacement (THR)

Canine Total Hip Replacement Equipment
thr radiograph

Canine total hip replacement (THR) is one of the most successful and gratifying orthopedic procedures for the patient and owner. The type of THR can be divided into cemented versus non-cemented bone ingrowth implants. The cemented THR has been associated with high complication rates and most surgical practices no longer perform this type of THR. Non-cemented THR utilizes titanium implants that have a rough surface for bone to grow onto and into, similar to human dental implants. The implants are actually incorporated into the patient’s bone. Non-cemented THR is now considered the gold standard in small animal orthopedics.

Three components make up a canine THR; stem, cup and head/neck. Each component comes in numerous sizes that can be mixed and matched to fit each individual patient.

The cup is press fit into the prepared acetabulum and the stem is secured by specialized fixation screws within the femoral canal. Once in place the appropriate head size and neck length are chosen and the hip is put through extreme range of motion to be certain the implants fit together well, will not luxate (dislocate) and is free to move without impingement. Surgery takes between one and two hours depending on the case and surgeon's experience.

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