Cost to Repair Medial Patella Luxation (MPL)

Veterinary specialty care is a double-edged sword these days (no pun intended). All major orthopedic procedures are more sophisticated, successful, and less invasive today than they were in the past. These advances come at a cost for the surgeon and client.

  • The average cost for a Medial Patella Luxation (MPL) at Colorado Canine Orthopedics in 2014 is $1,980 (unilateral MPL) / $2780 (bilateral MPL) for a  typical small breed dogs, which includes pre-surgical X-rays, state-of-the-art anesthesia and the most sophisticated monitoring, epidural, analgesia, arthroscopy when needed, surgery, post-operative X-rays and go home medications (consultation, preoperative blood work and 6 and 12 week X-rays are not included).

At Colorado Canine Orthopedics we are committed to providing only state of the art, non-compromised pet healthcare. We realize some pet owners may find this level of care relatively costly. However, despite the inherently expensive nature of our work, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of care at the most affordable price possible. We believe if you compare our fees to other specialty practices you will find this true.

Payment Options
We request payment when services are rendered. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards and of course accept cash and personal checks. If payment at the time of surgery causes undo financial hardship, payment plans are available. Thank you for allowing us to offer the same level of care for your pet as we would for our own.

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